Menchie’s Smiley Cows Get Special Treatment

The frozen yogurt franchise gets its milk from a California dairy where the cows have nutritionist, room to graze The secret to excellent frozen yogurt is the milk, which is why Menchie’s milk comes from only one source: the family-owned, quality-controlled California dairy where our “smiley cows” live. “Smiley cows?” Yes! Our cows are happy […]

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How Does Menchie’s Create Amazing New Flavors?

If you’ve had a taste of our strawberry or sweet coconut yogurts, you might have wondered, “Are those real strawberries and coconut I’m tasting?” Yes, it is. Menchie’s uses real ingredients. Menchie’s frozen yogurt has established a name for itself as a pioneer in the frozen dessert industry. Our flavors don’t just happen by chance […]

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Menchie’s Knows the Importance of Being a Mission-Driven Company

Menchie’s serves frozen yogurt, but we’re in the business of spreading smiles creating a memorable, family-friendly experience Our top priority is offering our guests an authentic, high-quality experience. It’s our primary focus and the undercurrent of how we do business. At Menchie’s we’ve found that by providing a unique, family-friendly spot for people to enjoy […]

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Harvard Business Review Has Its Eye on Menchie’s: ‘Bye-bye, Traditional Yogurt Retail’

Harvard Business Review spotlights Menchie’s business model in article on innovation What do electric cars, iPhones, bicycle rentals, ketchup bottles, Snow White and Menchie’s have in common? They were all singled out by Harvard Business Review as examples of how a really great idea can transform a marketplace. Harvard’s business publication pointed out that you don’t need […]

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Consumers’ Tastes Change, Their Desire to Smile Remains Constant

Menchie’s franchise sets itself apart by focusing on making people smile Menchie’s believes a business’ best advertising is the smiles of its guests. That’s why we focus on making people smile and built our business around making Menchie’s a fun and flawless experience for guests of all ages. Making sure our guests are smiling is […]

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Why the Menchie’s Franchise is Winning the FroYo Wars

Menchie’s focuses on creating a fun, family-friendly environment for guests The armistice has faded into history. From Bar Harbor to La Jolla, combatants are joined on the battlefields of Frozen Yogurt War II, or “The Next Cold War,” as it also has been called. Frozen Yogurt War I spanned the 1980s and ‘90s, when heavyweights […]

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