Menchie’s Smiley Cows Get Special Treatment

The frozen yogurt franchise gets its milk from a California dairy where the cows have nutritionist, room to graze

Menchie's yogurt with fruit and sprinklesThe secret to excellent frozen yogurt is the milk, which is why Menchie’s milk comes from only one source: the family-owned, quality-controlled California dairy where our “smiley cows” live.

“Smiley cows?” Yes! Our cows are happy and healthy, so they produce exceptional milk. Exceptional, hormone-free milk, because we treat our cows well, and we never treat them with bovine growth hormone. Menchie’s cows have ample space to graze, and they even have their own nutritionist who supervises their diet.

Some of our competitors use powdered milk, which is simply unacceptable to us. Our yogurt is full of probiotics, free of artificial hormones and uses natural ingredients — from fresh strawberries to real coconut. It’s an extra step other frozen yogurt chains don’t take, and it’s one of the things that sets us apart and makes us an industry leader.

At Menchie’s, we are dedicated to every part of the guest experience. We like to say we serve up smiles, and frozen yogurt just happens to be the way we do that. Some of the reasons guests love Menchie’s are our can’t-get-them-anywhere-else flavors and toppings and our devotion to customer service.
Menchie’s offers 100 rotating flavors of frozen yogurt in low-carb, no-sugar-added, dairy-free, nonfat, gluten-free, and kosher varieties, along with a menu of 70 rotating toppings such as candies, nuts, fruits and hot sauces. Every shop has a friendly atmosphere, where people are always greeted with a smile and there are free toys for kids.

For more information about starting a Menchie’s frozen yogurt franchise, the industry and company, visit You can also read Menchie’s franchise reviews from our store owners on our blog. To start a conversation, fill out this form to request more information about owning your own franchise, or give us a call at 818-708-0316. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Deborah

    Your cows are happy because they live in California. You can’t kid me! I lived in California and I know! I live in NC now and I’d not heard of your store, but I did tonight when I saw UB on tv and saw your employee, Jenny, go undercover at the Southern CA store where Kristina was the employee she worked with. I was so impressed with both young ladies. Kristina was amazing. You said all the things to her that I would have said. Her work ethic, her dedication, her kindness and sweet nature that she shared to make Jenny’s experience successful as a possible employee were so wonderful. Kristina is going to be the most incredible woman and she is going to be an amazing employee for your business. As will Jenny. I hope that you continue to employ both women and I plan to find your store in my area and spend my money there so your business model continues to be successful. Thank you for demonstrating that an employer can be bold, driven and empathetic while growing and making money. Deborah

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