Menchie’s Knows the Importance of Being a Mission-Driven Company

Menchie’s serves frozen yogurt, but we’re in the business of spreading smiles creating a memorable, family-friendly experience

Say "Yogurt!"

Our top priority is offering our guests an authentic, high-quality experience. It’s our primary focus and the undercurrent of how we do business.
At Menchie’s we’ve found that by providing a unique, family-friendly spot for people to enjoy frozen desserts, we evoke into the neighborhoods where we do business.

Of course, happy guests help make us profitable, but profits are not our motivation. Our profits measure how well we execute our mission to make every guest smile. Business guru Ken Blanchard once said, “Profits are the applause your customers give you for a job well done.” At the same time, Menchie’s franchise owners prosper by giving back to their communities through operating a great store and participating in fundraisers all while happily serving guests each day.

Don’t get us wrong, we know how important it is to have a great product. Our yogurt is made with the very best products — our milk comes from “smiley” cows that haven’t been treated with artificial growth hormones. We’ve also spent a lot of time developing 100 delicious, rotating flavors for our guests to enjoy. Our unique frozen yogurt flavors are one of the reasons our guests are so loyal to us.

But we realize we’re only as good as our guest experience. Sure, the delicious flavors contribute to the overall experience, but it’s but only one portion. We’re more interested in presenting the entire package, from our chalkboards to our family-friendly atmosphere.

Many businesses fail because while they focus on the product, they sometimes forget about the customer. Not us. We know loyalty lies in the treatment of our guests. It’s about treating everyone who walks in our door with gratitude and respect, and doing everything we can to help them have a great time.

It’s the little things, our guests tell us, that keeps them returning. It’s our friendly greeting, the free toys for kids and the feeling that we really do care to cultivate joy and happiness.

That makes us smile, too.

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