How a foodservice franchise can brighten lives

Posted 7/5/2016

What sets foodservice franchises like Menchie’s apart from others? A sense of purpose. Here’s ours.

Menchie's franchise

This is not the guest line of a foodservice franchise that makes people feel unwelcome. Menchie’s makes guests smile, so guests keep coming back.


As the owner of a foodservice franchise, you have a chance to make a difference in someone’s life in ways you might not even have expected.

It can be easy for business owners to bog down into the details of running a business, whether they are selling frozen desserts or hamburgers, and miss the big-picture impact they can have on guests — which is about much more than satisfying an appetite or tickling a sweet tooth. One of the reasons Menchie’s has become the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise in the world is because we never lose sight of our mission: Making people smile.

When people visit foodservice franchises, they are setting aside time to relax. Sometimes they are celebrating. Sometimes it’s a momentary rest from a busy day. Whatever the case may be, the experience you as a franchisee deliver to guests can set their mood for the day. We set out to create a happy experience that sends people out the door smiling, and sharing those smiles with the world.

How Menchie’s inspires smiles

From the start, Menchie’s set out to create something experiential, something so memorable and so enjoyable that guests would come back again and again, bringing their families and friends, celebrating their children’s birthdays or congratulating the Little League team on a big win. We firmly believe in making sure guests leave happier than when they came in.

As the owner of your own Menchie’s frozen yogurt franchise, you set the tone. You can be there personally to greet your guests and make your Menchie’s the most popular place in your community to relax and unwind. You can educate your team members on the importance of treating guests the same way you would treat someone who was a guest in your home — you want them to feel so welcome. 

That means providing a warm welcome, providing unlimited sample cups so guests can try different flavors before making their own unique swirl, or anticipating the needs of children who love Menchie’s by providing chalkboards where they can doodle or by providing mom and dad with extra napkins to wipe messy, happy mouths after a cup of frozen yogurt. It also means anticipating the dietary needs of guests and offering non-dairy, kosher, low-carb, no sugar added and gluten-free flavors.

Menchie's franchise

A menu of 70 rotating toppings lets every guest personalize their dessert to make a mix as unique as they are.

The power of positivity

Guests who visit Menchie’s know they can count on leaving with a smile on their face — and that assurance keeps them coming back and bringing friends.

As people who want to have a positive impact on their communities, Menchie’s owners (and their team members) benefit from a smile on their own faces, knowing they’ve really made a difference.

To learn more

If you’re interested in finding out why Menchie’s rises above those other foodservice franchises, please explore our research pages or fill out the form at right to download our free franchise report.

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