How Menchie’s won the froyo wars

Posted 6/14/2016

After several years of heated competition, Menchie’s has emerged as the clear froyo leader

A recent article in the Canadian English-language newspaper “National Post” took a critical look at the much-touted froyo wars and concluded that not only was frozen yogurt headed the way of the cupcake, there would be but one franchise surviving. And the franchise predicted to remain standing when all the dust clears and the competitors clear the field?

Menchie’s, of course.

We have long held the opinion that the best way to be nimble in a changing marketplace is to place the emphasis on the experience over the product. We’re really in the business of smiles. Smiles are our ultimate goal. Providing guests frozen desserts is simply one of the ways we encourage them to smile, and although we take great pride in the quality and variety of frozen yogurt and toppings we sell, the overall guest experience, and the sense of mission shared by Menchie’s franchisees and their team, is what really sets us apart.

Menchie's Froyo

It’s less about what’s in the cup than what’s on our guests’ faces when they visit Menchie’s. Our mission is to make sure they leave happier than when they came in.

While other frozen yogurt concepts are closing stores, Menchie’s “continues to expand with 530 Menchie’s locations globally, including 107 in Canada,” writes the Post’s Sabrina Maddeaux.  “(Technomic editor Lauren) Hallow reports the brand saw sales increase by 15.6 percent last year. So what separates Menchie’s from other frozen yogurt has-beens?

“According to Menchie’s Canada CEO David Shneer, it’s because they don’t consider themselves a frozen yogurt company: ‘There’s been a definite decline in the frozen dessert sector, but we see ourselves as an entertainment company first and foremost. Our mission statement is to make you smile, not to sell you yogurt.’ He says Menchie’s creates excitement through non-yogurt factors like stores’ environments and celebrity connections that other brands neglect.

“More than that, the brand expanded its menu to sell waffles, fresh-made donuts and ice cream sandwiches. Shneer also smartly leverages Menchie’s ‘cool factor’ by partnering with favourite household brands like Goldfish, Nutella and Bear Paws or nostalgic flavours millennials can’t get enough of.”

Menchie's Froyo

Tapping into popular flavors and partnering with favorite snack foods are just some of the ways Menchie’s is continuing to grow our franchise.

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Menchie’s continues to expand across the globe, because we provide the happy experience and community gathering spots our guests crave. If you’d like to learn more about opening your own Menchie’s franchise, you can explore our research pages or fill out the form at right to download our free franchise report.

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