What Goes Into Building a Great Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Franchise?

August 29, 2013

The Menchie’s Formula for Frozen Yogurt Success

 What goes into building a great self-serve frozen yogurt franchise?

First and foremost, the frozen yogurt has to be really good. That’s why we have a trained culinarian, Laura Baldwin, sourcing our ingredients and inventing new flavors that are sure to make guests smile.  Thanks to her efforts, Menchie’s now has more than 100 flavors in its portfolio, ensuring there is something for every taste, preference, and dietary restriction.

At Menchie’s, our welcome is more than just lip service. We strive to ensure no one is left out of a great frozen yogurt experience. Almost everything on the menu is gluten-free, with the exception of cake- and cookie-flavored yogurts. We also offer nonfat, low carb, no sugar added, vegan, and kosher options.

While offering high-quality frozen yogurt and fresh toppings is one of our top priorities, Menchie’s is also focused on providing a guest experience that is flawlessly fun. We’re not just in the frozen yogurt business, we’re in the business of making people smile.

We want guests to know that they can come into one of our stores, be greeted by a smiling team member, and then relax with friends and family as they enjoy their Menchie’s mixes. We want our guests to enjoy their time so much that they come back again and again.

We make guests feel welcome in other ways, too. Kids receive a toy with each visit, and our Sweet Friend-shaped spoons are reusable and dish washer safe. Many of our guests take their Menchie’s spoons home with them as souvenirs.

Our stores are bright and cheerful, with comfortable seating that turns Menchie’s into an extension of the family room.  Kids absolutely love our brand – and parents, teenagers, young adults and seniors have plenty to enjoy, too.

That’s what a great guest experience is all about. Everything at Menchie’s – from the yogurt and toppings to the unparalleled in-store experience and the guest care – makes people smile.

Curious about opening your own Menchie’s and spreading smiles in your corner of the world? Fill in the form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch to get the conversation started.

4 responses to “What Goes Into Building a Great Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Franchise?”

  1. I commend u for the way your company was air on Undercover Boss. The way you blessed your employers was by far a testimony to why u are so blessed. Also it was a wonderful opportunity that you gave the young who clearly needed help with her attitude and definitely customer service. My niece went to East Carolina University and she worked at Dunkin Donuts and she was really great at it.

    If only she was at one of your stores she might have had a chance at accomplishing her career as a counselor. She graduated but being in North Carolina there are not a lot of opportunities. Wonderful blessing for the young an with the daughter and the best two left were the sweet man who handled the cows and the young lady that will become a great teacher. You are a sweet person and u have a lovely wife and home and yo yeah Little Alllen the cow.

    Take care Mr. CEO, don’t ever stop passing out the blessings.
    Your episode was the best I have seen in a long time. You were really sincere.

  2. Katherine Bolf says:

    I love the show Undercover Boss, I have seen some wonderful CEO’s
    but you are the best by far. Thank you for blessing the ones you did, they were so deserving of it, especially the sweet man that takes care of the cows, and now your widdle Allen.(that’s baby talk for little) I didn’t talk like that to my kids when they were young, but I do to my animals. When you had the wig on just looking at your face I didn’t think you were over 25 yrs. old but, after you became yourself without the wig I think I saw some gray hair on the sides, That doesn’t mean you are old but, if you don’t have kids now you need to get busy, you are going to make a wonderful, sweet, loving Dad.
    loosen up, get in front of the mirror and learn to make silly faces and dance, silly walks. don’t be a stuff shirt. Good Luck

  3. Adele gorenstein says:

    Alan, I’m a big fan of undercover boss. The thing that made me sit up and really listen was the fact that you were on a bus in Israel that was hijacked. I had a cousin that was on a bus taken over by an Arab just outside of Jerusalem during the maccabeats games I believe 1988 or 89. She did not survive but her sister did. I visit the memorial almost everytime I visit Israel (which is 2-3 times a year). I admire your tenacity and determination to succeed. My son Brian has a carvel ice cream franchise in the Chicago area. It isn’t doing so well and he needs some encouragement and direction. His dad passed away just as he was beginning his business career. I know he misses the advice his dad would have given him. You are and inspiration! Todah Rabah!

  4. Dave Giaimo says:

    Dear Mr. Kleinberger:

    Just a quick comment – I saw you on Undercover Boss, and you are one classy guy. It was beautiful to see you greeting your employees – even the one needing remediation – with kindness and understanding. It is inspiring to see a man of quality doing well by doing good. I can’t wait to visit my neighborhood Menchies!
    Dave Giaimo

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