What Does It Take for Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Franchise to Earn Guest Loyalty?

March 27, 2013

Our loyalty to guests keeps them coming back


There is one thing we’ve found time and again: Once a Menchie’s guest, always a Menchie’s guest.

Our guests’ loyalty to Menchie’s has been overwhelming since we opened our first location in 2007. Because of them, we’re the fastest-growing frozen yogurt franchise, advancing our mission of spreading smiles to some of the most far-flung countries in the world.

What makes our guests so loyal? It’s simple: We offer guests a consistent, flawlessly fun family experience at every Menchie’s location. It’s our way of reciprocating loyalty to our guests.

The Menchie’s experience begins with great guest care. We have worked hard to create a warm, welcoming and interactive environment for the entire family. When customers walk in, they’re greeted with a smile. They’ve invited to explore the flavors and toppings before they choose their yogurt. A tray of little white sample cups is always at the ready on the counter — no one has to ask for samples here, they just serve themselves! Kids especially love our bright, colorful shops that include a chalkboard for a little creative expression between bites.

We enjoy being an integral part of each community, and we pride ourselves on being the place where families and friends can gather comfortably. Even the dreariest winter day is made brighter the moment a guest steps into the signature pink-and-green Menchie’s shop.

The other side of our experience is the unmatched, premium yogurt that makes the Menchie’s difference. We take care to use the highest-quality milk from cows that are never treated with bovine growth hormones. We offer fresh, fun flavors such as creamy Cake Batter, decadent True Chocolate and Dulce de Leche.

Most of all, we form long-standing relationships with our guests by listening to them and meeting their needs. We treat them with respect and gratitude, and we’re committed to keeping our promise to deliver our best every day.

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