Why a frozen yogurt franchise could be your ticket to career happiness

March 24, 2017

Choose your own path to happiness by owning your own frozen yogurt franchise and making your community a happier place

If you’ve ever found yourself unable to face one more gray day in a cubicle farm working toward somebody else’s dream, you may have daydreamed about owning your own business. A place that’s always bright, always full of smiling people and makes you feel good about the contribution you’re making in your home community. A place like a Menchie’s frozen yogurt franchise.

What the world needs now is more smiles. More laughter, more happiness, more fun. At Menchie’s, we like to say we are in the business of sharing smiles. Clearly, we’ve figured out the secret formula, since we have 500 frozen yogurt franchises worldwide. See the video below to learn a little more about how we do it:

Mind, body, spirit

At Menchie’s, we definitely take pride in the frozen desserts we sell. But they’re really not the star of our mission. What we always strive for as a brand is to make people smile. As we explain in the video above, we created a space where guests can take a break from life’s stresses. They can sit back, relax and reconnect over a delicious frozen yogurt dessert they’ve designed themselves.

A cup of vanilla froyo topped with strawberries and kiwi.

Our frozen yogurt franchise lets guests be their own mix-masters by allowing them to add whatever they’d like from an extensive variety of toppings and froyo flavors.

We want every Menchie’s around the globe to be a place that makes people smile and helps them refuel in mind, body and spirit. We designed a place that’s focused around people and the connections they make, and we appeal to kids of all ages. We want guests to feel that inner “Yay!” when someone says, “Let’s go to Menchie’s!”

Imagine being a part of that. With low barriers to entry and proven systems in place that make our franchises simple to operate, the opportunity is wide open. Our franchisees benefit from management experience, but no restaurant experience is required. You can scale up as large as you’d like to go, but we’re also perfect for the single owner-operator. That means you could spend your days building wealth, working toward your own dream and accomplishing those goals by serving guests who come to you to bring a little joy into their days.

Learn more about Menchie’s

If you’re curious to learn more about owning your own Menchie’s and experiencing entrepreneurship with the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise in the world, we would love to hear from you. You can explore our research pages or fill out the form on this page to download our free franchise report.

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