Simple operations make Menchie’s a simple decision for a first-time business owner

February 8, 2017

No cooking, low labor costs and a self-serve model help you focus on what you do best when you join our froyo franchise opportunity

In many businesses, especially restaurants, complicated operations can drag you down into the details and make it tougher to focus on the key activities that drive the business, like creating creating the best experience possible for your guests and getting involved in your local community. Read on to find out why our ease of operations makes joining the Menchie’s froyo franchise opportunity an easy decision.

Menchie’s workers behind the circular counter help talk with customers against a backdrop of the curved wall of frozen yogurt dispensers.

Simpler operations help you put the emphasis where it belongs, on serving smiles to every guest that comes through your door.


A simple and delicious product

Other foodservice brands are highly complex, with issues like expensive kitchen equipment to maintain, complicated recipes and the need to cook food and keep it hot and fresh for guests. With frozen yogurt, the end product is a simple and delicious treat that takes little preparation, and there’s no cooking involved.

That gives you and your Menchie’s team members the freedom to focus on serving up smiles, keeping guests happy and making Menchie’s a destination they enjoy visiting with family and friends. That experience and atmosphere is critical to our success.

Guests serve themselves so you can serve smiles

Another advantage of Menchie’s is our self-serve model. Guests choose their froyo flavor, pour as much as they want into their cups and mix in all the toppings they desire, from M&M’s® to rainbow sprinkles, then they put it on the scale and pay for the amount they’ve served themselves in our Mix-Weigh-Pay system.

Guests help themselves to frozen yogurt and toppings inside a Menchie's.

Our self-serve system makes guests happier while minimizing food waste and cleanup.


This model has a number of benefits for franchise owners. It helps guests get exactly what they want, especially with the huge number of flavors and toppings we offer, and it keeps your costs down by minimizing food waste, since guests serve themselves exactly the amount they want. It also makes cleanup more efficient, since you don’t have dishes or as much equipment to maintain.

Happy guests make for a pleasant place to be

All of that adds up to make Menchie’s a pleasant place to be, for guests, team member and franchise owners. It’s part of the atmosphere that makes your guests so excited to come in for a treat and makes Menchie’s such a great opportunity for owners to be a part of.

Get started today

If you’re interested in learning more about our froyo franchise opportunity, filling out our simple contact form costs you nothing and does not obligate you in any way. It will, however, lead you down an exciting path toward a possible new venture in your life. We invite you to explore our research pages to learn more about Menchie’s in the meantime, and you can also download the free franchise report. We look forward to hearing from you!

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