Why Menchie’s is a strong brand in a crowded field

Posted 10/31/2016

5 reasons our froyo franchise will stand when others fall by the wayside

Menchie's froyo franchise - two full cups of froyo

Behind every great cup of Menchie’s frozen yogurt is a tradition of operational excellence.

Everything about Menchie’s has been intentional. It was born from a desire to see people re-learn the art of relaxation and designed with the guest experience in mind. The rising popularity of frozen yogurt made it inevitable that many competitors would crowd the space, and we’ve never minded that, but it’s also inevitable that competitors will fall away. As one brand tries to emulate the success of another, they all tend to become homogenized and commoditized, and soon there’s nothing left to compete on except price.

At Menchie’s, we’ve drawn distinctions between us and the others. Here are 5 reasons we’ll lead the way while the others will follow as the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise in the world:

  1. Menchie’s is memorable. Speaking of intention, it was always our plan to make Menchie’s a destination for families and children, a place that created pull demand by virtue of the experience. Menchie’s colorful characters and collectible spoons, merchandise, movie tie-ins, interactive chalkboards and party rooms give us an identity kids love and will ask for again and again. They don’t say, “We want froyo!” They say, “We want Menchie’s!”
  1. Operational excellence. We knew from the outset Menchie’s would need serious substance behind our fun-loving, guest-centric brand, and we put together a team of experts dedicated to maintaining high operational standards. Our first priority is to make our guests smile; our second is to help franchisees make their community a better place. With our proven systems and support networks, our franchisees are making the world a better place.
  1. Product integrity. Our frozen treats are really a means to an end — we want our guests to smile and share happy times with family and friends. That’s why we source the milk for our Menchie’s Private Label Collection from a family-owned California dairy where the “smiley” cows are never treated with artificial growth hormones.  We provide 100 rotating flavors of delicious, creamy froyo that include kosher, no sugar added, dairy-free and gluten free varieties to fit all dietary needs.
Menchie's froyo franchise - free collectible character spoons

With a rotating menu of 70 toppings to choose from, branded merchandise and free collectible character spoons of Menchie and his ‘Sweet Friends,’ Menchie’s creates a memorable and personalized guest experience.

  1. Marketing wisdom. We are the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise brand in the world, with more than 500 locations across the globe. That kind of presence equals instant name-brand recognition and a good advantage for franchisees. Grand opening support, guest reward programs and a lively, interactive online presence are all ways we help franchisees enjoy the goodwill of the Menchie’s name.
  2. Experiences come first. We promote a people-first company culture and a guest-first company mission. That’s why we’ve led the way even in a competitive landscape. On the consumer side, great experiences make guests smile and help them create happy memories, ensuring repeat guest visits. On the franchisee side, positive experiences provide an enjoyable business.

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