Movie marketing has Menchie’s smiling

Posted 9/13/2016

Ice Age marketing tie-in gives guests another reason to launch into Menchie’s

Brand tie-ins are just one of the marketing tools we use to bring more guests to our store. One of the benefits of joining the world’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise is that the scale of our operations helps us put together partnerships with other big brands, and those partnerships help drive awareness.

Ice Age Ice Age movie promotion

Menchie’s rolled out themed cups and two limited-time offer sorbet flavors as part of our Ice Age Ice Age movie promotion, Blue Blast Sorbet and White Freeze Sorbet


That translates to a win-win for the movie and for Menchie’s. With each new cross-promotion, Menchie’s brand fans know they can count on fun new flavors, themed cups  and collectible spoons. Franchisees can look forward to more excitement — and more smiles — connected to the brand.  

Our latest tie-in is with the Ice Age movie. Menchie’s is at the leading edge of a trend: As the International Business Times notes, Hollywood is increasingly moving away from partnerships with fast food and instead seeking out healthier food partners to attract families and children whose parents “would never pass under the golden arches.”

Ice Age Collectible Spoons

Collectible spoons based on the two main characters


Our Private Label Collection is made from the milk of California dairy cows that are never treated with artificial growth hormones. It is certified kosher and bears the Live & Active Cultures seal from the National Yogurt Association. With over 100 rotating flavors of premium frozen yogurt and more than 80 rotating toppings to choose from, guests love the opportunity to create a personal frozen dessert that is uniquely theirs.

Fun with family and friends

We enjoy the opportunity to link the Menchie’s name with family-friendly movies and brands that make sense and hold crossover appeal for our fans. We felt The Ice Age Movie’s kid-friendly theme would bring families together to share some smiles — and smiles are what we emphasize in our marketing approach.

Making connections with our guests and helping them connect with one another is a big reason Menchie’s has grown into the world’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise. Menchie’s offers so much more than our craveable frozen yogurt, we offer a place for people to relax, reconnect and laugh while sharing a treat they can feel good about.

Connect with our franchise opportunity

Menchie’s brand fans already know why we’re the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise in the world, with more than 500 locations globally. If you’d like to find out why so many of our franchise owners are brand fans themselves, and inquire about joining our growing franchise family, please download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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