Why some are choosing to start a business rather than pay for an MBA

Posted 3/10/2016

Why some people are choosing franchising over graduate school

Life, like our toppings bar, is full of choices. What will yours be?


Conventional wisdom and societal expectations have a lot to do with the reason that an estimated 17 million people are enrolled in college in the U.S.* Many go on to graduate school and beyond, spending tens of thousands of dollars on an education they hope will bring a nice ROI. A lot of entrepreneurs are turning conventional wisdom on its head by skipping the years of classroom time and six-figure cost of a graduate degree, and skipping straight to business ownership.

According to US News & World Report, in 2013 the average cost of the top 10 business schools in the U.S. was $111,418 for tuition in a two-year MBA program.

Many would-be students and parents are collaborating by skipping business school and jumping right into business.  Their thinking is “with an MBA I learn business and make money.  With a franchise, I learn business, make money, plus I build equity and potential recurring revenue streams.

Why is Menchie’s a good choice for a family business?

Young entrepreneurs are partnering with their business-savvy parents. The young entrepreneur can provide the energy and drive for the business, while the parent provides guidance and mentorship with the support and structure of the franchise system.  Menchie’s is a simple business, for the young entrepreneur to learn and understand.

To learn more

Only you can decide what path is right for you. But if you’re ready to invest in your future with a company that is known for its vision, is on a mission to make a difference in the world by making people smile and is now awarding franchises expanding beyond our 500 worldwide locations, we’re ready to have a conversation. You can explore our research pages or fill out the form at right to download our free franchise report.

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