5 reasons Menchie’s Became the Biggest Self-Serve Froyo Franchise in the World

Posted 1/24/2016

How Menchie’s is winning the froyo war and became the dominant brand

Every empire has a simple beginning, and Menchie’s is no exception, having started as a single location in Southern California. Nine years later, Menchie’s is a household word, a favorite among families and the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise brand in the world.

The company set out to achieve this position with a simple mission: “We Make People Smile.”

“There are always ways to innovate, and to grow, as long as we keep focused on our main mission. We are not just in the business of serving frozen yogurt; we are in the business of making people smile,” says CEO Amit Kleinberger. “At Menchie’s the guests and their happiness will always come first.”

Menchie's Store

Here are 5 ways Menchie’s Franchise is winning the froyo wars:

  1. Building a brand families love. Menchie’s appeals to everyone, but it’s especially popular among families, both guests and franchisees alike. Interactive chalkboards, unlimited free samples, and the appealing plum-and-green store decor put people at ease, invite them to chill out and relax. Menchie’s is a place people enjoy hanging out with their friends and family, which encourages guests to come back often and become friends.
  2. Controlling its supply chain. The company uses only hormone-free milk from “smiley” California cows. The Menchie’s team passionately believes the sourcing of the milk matters, which is why they buy their milk from a family-owned dairy where the cows are not treated with artificial growth hormones and are treated humanely. Some other dessert franchises buy their dairy from industrial milk suppliers, which can rely on controversial factory farming techniques that many guests would rather avoid.
  1. Guests are always the priority. More and more consumers today want a customizable dining experience, and Menchie’s offers that with over 110 frozen yogurt flavors and more than 70 toppings. In addition, Menchie’s caters to as many dietary needs as possible with a product line that includes gluten-free, vegan and high-fructose corn syrup-free options. All Menchie’s frozen yogurt is certified kosher and is awarded the Live & Active Cultures seal by the National Yogurt Association. These recognitions are important to customers who are increasingly seeking quality.
  2. Great People. Menchie’s has grown to more than 500 worldwide locations with a team that encompasses a “people come first culture”.
  3. Menchie’s uses its marketing muscle. Menchie’s uses the power of its size and brand recognition to franchisees’ advantage. They promote grand openings, offer guest loyalty programs and pay attention to detail when it comes to keeping Menchie’s top of mind. Their collectible spoons, for instance, feature characters from among Menchie’s “Sweet Friends.” Kids take the spoons home, turning their utensil drawer into a reminder to go back to Menchie’s.

Menchie’s is seeking franchisees passionate about the guest experience as it continues to grow worldwide. To learn more, visit




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