Posted 1/24/2016

5 reasons Menchie’s Became the Biggest Self-Serve Froyo Franchise in the World

How Menchie’s is winning the froyo war and became the dominant brand Every empire has a simple beginning, and Menchie’s is no exception, having started as a single location in Southern California. Nine years later, Menchie’s is a household word, a favorite among families and the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise brand in the world. […]

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Posted 1/15/2016

How Menchie’s uses its marketing muscle to increase revenues

From movie tie-ins to popular snacks, Menchie’s makes the most of brand fans A free 7-day Caribbean cruise for a family of 4, a bowl featuring a favorite character from a popular kids’ movie, a limited-time-only flavor that combines two great brands into a frozen treat. All of these items have two things in common: […]

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