Guest Raves Drive Revenue for Menchie’s Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Posted 9/17/2013

Menchie’s fan following boosts revenue and lowers marketing costs for self-serve frozen yogurt franchise owners

For new business owners, the first challenge is getting your first guest through the door. The next challenge is to get the guest to come back and bring along their friends. At Menchie’s, our franchisees start off one step ahead. Whether our franchisee is opening their store in Texas, New York or Japan, they know they can count on an established fan base before they ever open the doors to their first Menchie’s. This has been proved to be true time and time again by lines out the door on opening day.

Mercer Island, Washington

Mercer Island, Washington

Our focus has been and always will be our guests’ experience. We might serve the highest quality and best tasting yogurt, but it is our guest care that has resulted in our phenomenal growth and success. Repeat business and good word-of-mouth are priceless for any business; Menchie’s franchisees get to enjoy an abundance of both. We host a cult-like following of loyal guests who are vocal, creative and are the reason we are in business.

Check out some of the rave reviews Menchie’s enjoys online on Yelp!:

Review of Menchie’s in Raleigh, NC:
“Fantastic location…clean, friendly & so tasty! The owner (I believe) helped us this evening & boy did she exemplify customer service. So friendly, helpful & nice. Tonight I had the white chocolate raspberry yogurt with walnut topping… delish!!! This location deserves every bit of my 5 stars.” — Ashley C.

Review of Menchie’s in Annapolis, Md.:
“Oh dear, do I love Menchie’s. If Menchie’s was a person, I would be verging on stalkerish. I cannot get enough of Menchie’s. When Menchie’s opened, it was one of the first froyo places in Annapolis, so naturally, everyone went bonkers. Menchie’s is still awesome and the top froyo place around, even though a few have popped up in competition.” — Nikki M.

Review of Menchie’s in Westlake Village, Calif.:
“We had a fro yo craving and it was just past 11 p.m., every place was closed, by chance we called Menchies, they said they just locked their doors but if we were close by they will unlock them for us! Sure enough as we were walking up to the door they were unlocking it for us and were very nice, didn’t make us feel like we were an inconvenience and thanked us for coming:) They are always very nice there and I like that they keep their toppings covered, not out in the open like some other places do. Thank you Menchies, for that you get 5 stars!” — LM C.

Review of Menchie’s at The Heights in Houston:
“The frozen yogurt here is really amazing. This place is close to where I live so it’s very convenient. They change the flavors every week, my favorites are dulce de leche, honey graham cracker crumble and pure chocolate. This place is open till late on weekends which is nice if you’re looking for a late night healthy dessert option. The ambience is really nice for kids and adults. They’ve got some nice outdoor seating as well. I definitely recommend this place to everyone as the yogurt selection is great and everyone should be able to find a flavor that pleases them.” — Khizer H.

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