Menchie’s Goes Undercover

Posted 10/16/2013

Undercover Boss highlights Menchie’s as the first concept in the frozen dessert category

Since 2010, CEOs have stepped away from their desks and given up their identities to gain first-hand experience of what really happens in their organizations. Undercover Boss, which airs on CBS, as well TLC and OWN, is a multi Emmy Award winning show. Each one hour episode features one CEO, one organization and many heart felt stories.

7 Eleven, Cinnabon, Subway and Nascar are only a few of the elite organizations highlighted in past episodes. The first concept from the frozen dessert category will soon join this group: Menchie’s!

This past summer, our CEO, Amit Kleinberger, spent 10 days traveling across the U.S. and working alongside the heart of our brand: our in-store team members. The show provided the chance for our Global Headquarters to connect directly with our local stores in a way that is invaluable. Amit worked side by side with team members, cutting fruit, cleaning table tops, and wearing the Menchie costume. He watched team members make each guest their top priority and make our guests smile.

The impact this experience will have on our brand is immeasurable and that is even before it airs! Sharing this insider’s view into the heart of Menchie’s is just the cherry of the top (of our cup of frozen yogurt!). Tune in Friday Oct 25th 8/7c on CBS. You will not want to miss Amit Kleinberger (aka Alan Stein) in action.

Who knows? You might even see him doing something you (and he) would never expect!


  1. Andree Adler

    I saw him! I went to the Menchie’s in El Cajon California in the middle of the day and there was a film crew. They had me sign a release and took my picture before I went in. I asked what it was all about and I think the guy said a training video? Amit Kleinberger served me and he was very polite and helpful but I remember thinking as I left that his hair looked strange (wig) and he seemed to be older than their average employee. As I drove away with my yummy yogurt in hand I said to myself “I bet they were filming Undercover Boss”. I was right!!!

  2. Tim Shanks

    I just wanted to say, I watched the episode tonight. I grew up on a family dairy farm in northern IL. Unfortunately, it is now gone, due to the economy, but my younger brothers and a sister were able to start their own dairy farms. I, now live in central Iowa (north of Ames). I farm with my father-in-law on a grain farm, and also work full time as a precision agriculture technician putting GPS equipment on combines and tractors.

    Anyhow, I wanted to mention, I am very proud to see how you (the owner) included a dairy farm into the undercover boss episode. It was great to see someone like you (an executive) putting such a great effort into learning about the dairy industry. The dairy industry has been hit hard from the economy and anytime when there is a chance to positively promote dairy and farming, it’s a good thing. What you did tonight on the episode was great. The other thing I liked, is we used to have a couple of hispanic employees and they always put family first. Our employees were sending their paychecks south to help the rest of their families. Again, this made me feel good. FYI, I’m a year older than you and to see someone our age running such a large corporation, it’s great.

    FYI, Ames Iowa (a college town) could use a couple of your stores!


  3. Greg Scott

    I would just like to think Mr. Kleinberger for the self-less act he displayed during the airing of Undercover Boss by simply paying for a cup of great yogurt. As a member of the United States Army for over 16 years, I have seen the acts of citizens of this great country on a few different occasions as they show support for our military. I have never asked for anything from our great citizens except the simple act of support. It feels good to know people still care about what we do. Thank you Mr. Kleinberger!!!!!!! I will always support your business with mine.

  4. Angeline manning

    I watch this tonight on CBS undercover boss I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed it. It was very touching what you did for the service men and women that came in your store in tx. It truly brought tears to my eyes. I don’t have family in service. My father was in law enforcement but I have a lot respect for the men and women serving. I also thank u for your past years serving as well. May god continue to bless you!

  5. Bobbie Pereira

    I just watched the episode tonight 10/25/13.
    The girl in Seattle was to train him, not brag on how she’s high end kinda girl. She was obvious way into herself way more then doing her job. I would let her go for sure. The girl in the El Paso store was awesome as you were for what you did for the gentlemen in the Army!
    Thank you!!

  6. Homeless Veteran

    Was wondering how Alan the calf was doing.
    Pretty cool that he was born while the film crew was there.
    He might be the worlds most famous calf.
    Hope he doesn’t end up as a Big Mac,
    That would be alot of Bull.

  7. Brenda

    I looked at the show last night and Mr.Kleinberger was great. You acknowledged your employees which is so important in this world.You have done a fantastic job. Seeing your sincerity brought tears to my eyes.

    I have Menchies all the time at your Pembroke Lakes Outlet in Florida.

  8. Ken and Joanne Barker

    We watch Under Cover Boss all the time. Want to know where your closest stores are please. We live near OHare airport Chicago, I’ll. Have family in Florida, Ohio, Mil.,Wis. Really Enjoyed your program. Don’t have the money to have a franchise, but could visit your store and give you a little profit and a lot of smiles! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  9. T. Cintron

    Just wanted to mention that my family and I watched Undercover Boss on October 25th, and it had us in tears! We live in El Paso and Menchies is our favorite and only yogurt stop! The employees as well as the owners are always so cheerful, and go the extra mile to make people smile at both El Paso Menchies locations. It is a nice friendly atmosphere where you can just relax and enjoy talking with one another, and get away from the TECHNOLOGY RAT RACE..

    Thank you again for the Menchies we have in El Paso!

  10. Lori Reed

    I had never heard of Menchie’s, until I saw Undercover Boss. I was very touched by Mr Kleinberger’s venture into the Dairy Farm, as well as paying for those servicemen’s yogurt. It inspired me so much, that today I Google’d where the closest Menchie’s is, and lo and behold, there is one 1/4 mile near my workplace! Needless to say, today was my first foray into the world of Menchie’s and I was impressed! Mr Kleinberger, the employees at the Bethlehem, PA location are stellar and you’d be proud of the way this store is run and staffed. (They even let me take their photo, which I’m planning on putting on my Facebook to let my friends and family know what a great place this is!)
    Thank you for making my lunch hour and many lunch hours to come, so very, very enjoyable. I left with not only a great dish of yogurt (and those bobas are to die for!), but a very big SMILE.

  11. Mark

    I watched the show also , I record it every week, but I thought this one was awesome how he paid for yogurt for out service men and woman very admirable !! I also thought the girl who wanted to go to school for education was awesome !!

  12. Dodie

    Amit Kleinberger…..I would be very proud to have you as a boss!!!! Hospitality as it should be. I will always pick a menchies before anything else for now on.

  13. Ruth Skinner

    Amit, besides being good looking, you seem like a very down to earth.. CEO. I like to thank you for having a bulletin at your store in San Marcos, California, I was able to put the flyer of Walk for Autism, well one of the employees, and
    people were able register and join my son’s team, whom has Autism. We go to Menchie’s at least 3 times a week, an after
    school treat. Ruth Skinner

  14. Terri

    I saw the show back in October as well. Loved the show, and how Amit treated everyone! We finally got a Menchies here in Butler, PA. Had my first visit.. loved the product, will go again! Staff was nothing like I saw on TV 🙁

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