A Marriage Proposal at Menchie’s

Posted 6/29/2012

Smiles Do Matter!

We wanted to share with you a love story……the kind of story that can only happen at Menchie’s…….

Marry me at Menchie’s!


Once upon a smile, Sean and Dina crossed paths in Connecticut, but destiny waited 18 years to cast a love spell and make their first date take place. Instantly inseparable, they moved to sunny California and met the love of their lives, Menchie’s. It was yumm at first bite! They quickly realized that home is where the yumm is, so their visits to Menchie’s Culver City in Los Angeles, were daily, even if time didn’t allow. They just fell in love with the People, the Place, The Product, and the Experience; the team members who they described as the “nicest kids”, became the closest thing to a new family. When it comes to mixing, Sean is a chocolate fanatic who piles on the toppings, while Dina is a fruity type of gal, whose all about the swirls.

It only took Sean a year to want their love to be forever. After originally planning a proposal in Malibu, Menchie’s became the obvious choice to pop the question, as it is the smiliest place on earth and filled with sweet memories. He mixed and weighed his options until he put together the ultimate plan: a team member would draw the big question on the chalkboard before their arrival, they would enter together, she would see the message, smile, he would then get down on one knee, and ask her to be his sweetheart forever.

As they walked in that day, the stage was all set, but what Sean had forgotten to take into account, was that when you put a cup in front of Dina, the world disappears…… It took multiple attempts…. but she finally laid eyes on the chalkboard… so Sean got down on one knee, proposed in front of all the guests, she smiled the smiliest smile ever seen at Menchie’s, and replied “YEEEESSS!”. The store then burst into applause, the guests cheered and raised their cups to this new mix made in heaven!

The big day is in April and we already know they will be mixing happily ever after………

Memories from a chalk board filled with Love………


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