Posted 10/31/2016

Why Menchie’s is a strong brand in a crowded field

5 reasons our froyo franchise will stand when others fall by the wayside Everything about Menchie’s has been intentional. It was born from a desire to see people re-learn the art of relaxation and designed with the guest experience in mind. The rising popularity of frozen yogurt made it inevitable that many competitors would crowd […]

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Posted 9/27/2016

When looks matter: How Menchie’s vibe helps us meet our mission

Vibrant colors, inviting space designed to draw in guests and make them smile   Rich remembers vividly the first time he stepped into a Menchie’s. The whimsical curved wall lined in green glass bubble tile, displaying the self-serve frozen yogurt dispensers; the swirl of plum and green on the ceiling, he was quite taken. “I […]

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Posted 9/20/2016

Why our franchise owners love owning a Menchie’s froyo franchise

We’re not only the largest froyo franchise in the world, we’re also a great place to work Menchie’s is known worldwide for spreading smiles. From the very beginning, our froyo franchise was designed to create an experience so fun, so positive and so rewarding that our guests would want to come back again and again. […]

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Posted 9/13/2016

Movie marketing has Menchie’s smiling

Ice Age marketing tie-in gives guests another reason to launch into Menchie’s Brand tie-ins are just one of the marketing tools we use to bring more guests to our store. One of the benefits of joining the world’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise is that the scale of our operations helps us put together partnerships […]

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Posted 9/6/2016

Menchie’s CEO Amit Kleinberger: Frozen yogurt industry still thriving

In open letter to, Kleinberger provides growth stats to dispel misconceptions   Over the past 10 years the frozen yogurt industry has enjoyed a meteoric rise and attracted a lot of attention, so it’s no surprise that when some chains began to struggle to compete, some naysayers rushed to declare the fall of the […]

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Posted 7/20/2016

How Menchie’s is the Funfetti of frozen dessert franchises

Frozen dessert franchise keeps guests smiling so they keep coming back Remember Pillsbury’s Funfetti? The sprinkle-infused colorful cake mix you or your kids grew up with? The Google food trends report for 2016 listed Funfetti among its rising search terms, and it’s easy to understand why: Funfetti makes you smile; it’s fun; it’s all of […]

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