The Menchie’s experience is more about the connections, memories and celebrations made within our stores than the yogurt we serve. This same spirit is experienced throughout our Global Headquarters and the connection between our team goes beyond the work we share. “We embrace our people in everything they do,” says Kleinberger, “This results in a high-performing environment that feels like family.”

Around the office, finding reasons to gather, laugh and have fun is easy. Birthdays often produce elaborate decorations. Milestones, or as we call them Smilestones, are often celebrated with good food, smiles and time to relax together. Whether it is a potluck, costume party, our annual BBQ, or Yogurt Wednesdays stepping away from our normal routine and spending time to connect is important to us.

We do not just work together; we are invested in each other’s lives.  Simply put, at the heart of Menchie’s is dedicated team of people who are having a lot of fun making the world a better place.



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