Posted 4/7/2016

New menu items help Menchie’s share more smiles

Celebration Cakes expand sales opportunities by delivering smiles directly into customers’ homes   Menchie’s didn’t grow to be the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise in the world by being like everybody else. Our standout, the thing that differentiates us in the marketplace from all those other guys, is the experience we offer. Kids beg their […]

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Posted 4/6/2016

How Menchie’s beats the toughest challenge for food franchises

Our frozen yogurt franchise business model makes it much easier to control Cost of Goods, a major factor for food business success If you’ve been researching the restaurant and foodservice industry, it probably didn’t take long before you learned that most operations have pretty tight margins. One of the biggest factors that can determine whether a […]

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Posted 3/15/2016

How Menchie’s mission is echoed in the actions of a 6-year-old orphaned boy

Why making people smile is so important While we are the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise in the world, Menchie’s CEO Amit Kleinberger is fond of saying, “We’re not really in the business of serving frozen yogurt; we’re in the business of making people smile.” Everything we do is in service of our mission of […]

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Posted 3/10/2016

Why some are choosing to start a business rather than pay for an MBA

Why some people are choosing franchising over graduate school   Conventional wisdom and societal expectations have a lot to do with the reason that an estimated 17 million people are enrolled in college in the U.S.* Many go on to graduate school and beyond, spending tens of thousands of dollars on an education they hope […]

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Posted 2/8/2016

5 ways Menchie’s dominated the world of froyo to become the biggest self serve froyo franchise in the world

Menchie’s emerged as the leader when other brands fell away Menchie’s started out with a single location in, and a dream of making people smile. Today, we’re the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise company in the world, with more than 500 locations across the globe. And like the $8 billion frozen desserts industry, we continue […]

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Posted 1/24/2016

5 reasons Menchie’s Became the Biggest Self-Serve Froyo Franchise in the World

How Menchie’s is winning the froyo war and became the dominant brand Every empire has a simple beginning, and Menchie’s is no exception, having started as a single location in Southern California. Nine years later, Menchie’s is a household word, a favorite among families and the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise brand in the world. […]

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